New courses in partnership with Fondazione Zeffirelli

Recently Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici started a fruitful partnership with Fondazione Franco Zeffirelli – International Center for the Arts and Enternainment, located right in the heart of the historical center of Florence.

The Center, supported by the Maestro himself, aims to make the artistic and cultural heritage of a seventy-year career available to both the city of Florence, Zeffirelli’s birthplace, and internationally, to future generations.

The Fondazione Zeffirelli’s archives include his film productions, as well as his works of drama, opera, and ballet, and offer an exclusive opportunity to LdM students to embark on an artistic journey.


For the Academic Year 2019-2020 the LdM-Fondazione Zeffirelli partnership has expanded, resulting in new interdisciplinary courses offered at LdM Florence in the fields of Performing Arts, Literature, Media Arts and Studies and more.

For example students will have the opportunity to approach Masterpieces of world literature such as Romeo and Juliet or The Divine Comedy from an interdisciplinary perspective, discovering how they have been intepreted in different mediums, inspiring renderings coming from various fields, such as movies, figurative arts, music and more. Inspired by Zeffirelli’s interdisciplinary and multifaceted career, students will delve into the magic of visual and performing arts, exploring from a privileged point of view the diverse professional paths originating from them.


Romeo and Juliet – A Love Story across the Arts

This course explores Shakespeare’s love story from the perspective of its multiple versions across the arts: ballet, with the choreographies and productions based on the scores of Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev; theatre, with Franco Zeffirelli’s groundbreaking 1960 production at the Old Vic theatre in London; movies, from West Side Story, the musical film loosely based on the Shakespearian source, to the more faithful motion pictures by Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Luhrmann.


Voices of an Artist: Voyaging through Franco Zeffirelli’s World

This course explores Franco Zeffirelli’s artistic life from several angles. Thanks to his versatile personality Zeffirelli, also known as Il Maestro, investigated all the arts and embraced his talented artistic life from different perspectives. He expressed it through cinema, theatre, opera and set design. Though he may be unfamiliar to students, Zeffirelli’s interdisciplinary and multifaceted career offers a fruitful model and source of inspiration for anyone wishing to undertake a career in the arts. An attentive look at his works will highlight his multidisciplinary approach and will showcase his ability to converse and interact with different disciplines while performing the Arts.


Dante’s Quest for Love – From the Divine Comedy to Contemporary Culture and Media

The Divine Comedy unfolds around the plea made by Dante the pilgrim to Vergil while journeying the afterlife – “Therefore I pray you, gentle father dear, to teach me what love is”. Such question encapsulates an issue that engages some of the most prominent minds in late medieval Europe. Between the twelfth and the fourteenth centuries love is the subject matter of a debate to which natural philosophers, theologians, and poets contribute. In addition to expanding into an exceptionally wide range of subjects, Dante’s journey has inspired, since its appearance, a seemingly endless variety of artistic versions. The course starts off with a discussion about classical sources, then students will be introduced to the Divine Comedy most meaningful characters and passages through Dante’s text, as well as renderings coming from multiple fields: figurative arts, music, TV, movies and animation movies.

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