New at LdM Academic Year 2018-2019

Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici is pleased to inform you on the launch of two new Academic Departments for the Academic Year 2018-2019: Media Arts and Studies (School of Creative Arts) and Religious Studies (School of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts).

The new Department of Media Arts and Studies (MAS) brings together various media disciplines, such as Cinema, Television, Animation and Video Games, that investigate and artistically interpret and represent reality, each in its own language. Theory and hands-on activities are strategically paired within a didactic offering that aims to analyze the theoretical basis of Media Arts, while giving students the chance to immediately put into practice what they’ve studied, to learn by doing and to build connections with the local territory.

New courses:
The Animated Short Film
History of Animation
Intermediate Documentary
Seriality: TV and Beyond
Italian Cinema and Society

The courses of the new Department of Religious Studies (REL) presented at LdM, in collaboration with the School of Religious Studies at CAMNES, will provide the necessary tools to confront and understand modern and ancient religious traditions of the world.

New courses:
Introduction to the Bible (Old Testament)
Monotheisms: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Yoga: Breathing, Meditation, Spirituality
In Search of Early Christianity


New at LdM Tuscania

For the Academic Year 2018-2019 the didactic offering of the LdM School of Agriculture in Tuscania embraces the aspects of economic principles and their application to the agricultural sector and to the management of natural resources; the art of garden shaping, which is underpinned by a solid knowledge of the natural landscape, of the natural flora and environment of the Mediterranean region. A new course in sustainable forest management will give students the basis of forestry and analyze the importance of forests from a cultural, social and scientific point of view.

New courses:
Agricultural Economics
Sustainable Forest Management
Mediterranean Sustainable Landscape Garden


New at LdM Rome

The LdM STEM program is in constant development to give STEM majors who choose LdM Rome as their academic home while abroad the chance to take rigorous courses, taught in collaboration with Italian scientific centers of excellence, in a wide variety of scientific fields. Alongside the recently introduced Introduction to Neuroscience course, beginning in Fall 2018, students will be able to attend classes in Cell Biology (with laboratory sessions) taught in collaboration with Universita Roma 3, while the psychology course Mind, Brain and Behavior will delve into the human mind from a scientific perspective.

New courses:
Introduction to Neuroscience
Cell Biology with Laboratory
Mind, Brain, and Behavior
International Hospital Internship
General Microbiology

Furthermore, LdM is proud to offer once more a one-semester Certificate in International Conflict Transformation. This program, now offered in Rome, exploits the resources of Italy’s capital and a global intersection. Students take three core courses (Anthropology of Violence and Conflict; International Conflict Resolution; Humanitarian Affairs), plus a further two (chosen from Globalization and Social Change; International Terrorism; and International Rome: a UN City). Single courses are available to non-certificate students as well, who may be interested in another new course with a timely reflection: Borders: Political Challenges Today.


New at LdM Florence

Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici is pleased to announce from Fall 2018 its partnership with Fondazione Franco Zeffirelli Center for the Arts and Entertainment, located right in the heart of the historical city center of Florence. The Center, supported by the Maestro himself, aims to make the artistic and cultural heritage of a seventy-year career available to both the city of Florence, Zeffirelli’s birthplace, and internationally, to future generations. The LdM-Fondazione Franco Zeffirelli partnership results in new courses offered in the Department of Performing Arts at LdM Florence, which will give students the chance to delve into the magic and art of Theatre, studying its history and exploring from a privileged point of view the diverse professional paths originating from it.

New courses:
Acting Dante’s Inferno
Theatre History: The Contribution of Florence
From Florence to the World: The Wellspring of Italian Opera
Drawing for the Scene / Theatrical Set Design

Furthermore, a new course in the Department of Ancient Studies reveals the hidden meanings of everyday Latin words that we still use today. As students discover their original meaning, they will uncover how such words have managed to survive up to the present. Students will explore practical examples and focus on specific semantic fields, discovering how far from being a dead language, Latin is still alive in expressions we pronounce everyday.

New course:
Latin and Us: Uncovering the Hidden Meanings of Words

In the ever-growing Department of Communications in LdM Florence, a new course in Digital Cultures explores how digital technologies are shaping not only cultural and marketing strategies, war and welfare plans, art practices and scientific equipment, but also – and more importantly – our body and mind as human beings. Students will investigate from a sociological-anthropological approach how the extensive “digitization” and deep “networking” of society is changing the human landscape forever. A new course in Global Brand Management will provide an in-depth study into the major components involved in developing successful global brand. Students will examine the principles of consumer behavior, develop and apply research-based strategic planning to the development of new or existing global brands and develop integrated communications branding campaigns.

New courses:
Digital Cultures
Global Brand Management 

Consult the current course schedules at this link for course offerings by site and session.