NEW ’17 – ’18 courses at LdM

LdM has striven to incorporate each campus and city’s unique characteristics into new and stimulating courses for the ‘17 – ‘18 semesters.

At LdM Florence an array of unique creative courses have been added, including courses in Jewelry Design, Professional Portfolio for studio art students, and distinctive offerings such as Interdisciplinary Design. Among the new offerings, the Fashion Department will focus its new advanced internship on the connection with the cultural context and the tradition of the Florence fashion scene to challenge students to push creative boundaries and engage with design concepts. Also new courses in the area of global marketing communication are now offered in the Florence campus program.

At the same time, LdM Rome continues its STEM initiative and now offers a unique educational opportunity through intensive courses in engineering, as well as in neuroscience and psychology. LdM students in Rome can choose further academic options to explore the humanities and the political and philosophical fields, as well as new courses in digital communication.

The LdM Tuscania campus exploits a splendid natural setting and a town where deep traditions meet today’s needs. Recently added courses explore the artistic process in relation to the landscape, and bridge theory and application in agriculture. New fine arts and history courses are all exciting additions to LdM’s most intimate campus.

Explore below a full list and the descriptions of our upcoming offerings sorted by campus, while you can find more information and a complete list of the LdM courses on our LdM course schedules page.

New '17-'18 courses at LdM Florence

New '17-'18 courses at LdM Rome

New '17-'18 courses at LdM Tuscania