LdM Rome Presents Four New Courses

From Fashion to Psychology to Marketing: LdM students in Rome will have various new courses to choose from beginning in Spring 2015

Added to our extensive list of courses at LdM Rome are the following new course offerings:

• Anthropology of Fashion and Desirability: Beyond the Catwalk (FAS 185 – ANT 185)
When we hear “fashion,” we automatically think of clothes and dress, but fashion entails much more than the latest style of shoe on the catwalk. Using the fashion of dress as a starting point, this course examines the universal patterns and particular variations of fashionability in both Euro-American and non-Western societies. We will examine the phenomenon of fashion in clothing, speech, and activities by searching for trends, and examining the trajectory of fashion as practices move from the underground to the mainstream. Studying fashion in Rome offers many possibilities, from handmade clothes to famous national and international brands.

• China’s Development and the Global Shift (BUS 210 – POL 210)
China is the world’s fastest-growing major economy and current second largest economy by nominal GDP. The “rise of China,” which began in 1978 with their dramatic transformation from a planned to a market economy, and its consequences are two of the focus points of this course. Key questions are: Is China’s growth rate sustainable? Can it be repeated in other developing countries? What are the costs of this rapid growth?

• Psychology of Crime (PSY 305)
This course approaches the knowledge and understanding of criminal behavior and its impact upon individuals and society from developmental, cognitive-behavioral, and other psychological perspectives. The course will focus on different perspectives on criminal behavior as well as etiology, risk factors, assessment and treatment in relation to different criminal behaviors.

• Integrated Marketing Communication (BUS 262 – COM 262)
Integrated Marketing Communication examines the theory and techniques applicable to all major marketing communication functions: ads, direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling and the Internet. Students will research and evaluate a company’s marketing and promotional situation, and use this information in developing effective communication strategies and programs.

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