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I had no idea what to expect when first arriving in Italy, but I knew to keep an open mind and be open to all the things Italy had to offer me. When I first arrived, I was so nervous and had no idea what to do or even say, considering I didn’t speak the language. However, as time went on I learned to adapt very well to the Italian culture, which I LOVE. It was not easy to get acclimated at first and without LdM it would have been even harder. Taking classes at LdM, which was right in the heart of Florence, truly helped me to feel more comfortable in Italy in general. I felt as though I belonged there and that I had a purpose, which is important when you experience a big change like moving to another country. I felt as though I always had a place to go and that the professors there could really answer any question I had whether it was about school, Florence, or Italy as a whole. Not only was LdM very helpful, but being alone without my family in another country truly helped me become such a better person. Without studying abroad, I would have never realized certain things about myself because when you are alone in a foreign country you step out of your comfort zone, and that is what I did. Italy is the most amazing place on earth to me and I wouldn’t change a thing about my time there or my decision to go to LdM. Florence will always have a place in my heart.

Marissa Antonino – LdM Study Abroad Semester in Florence, Spring 2018

My study abroad experience at LdM has without a doubt changed my life, not only was I able to immerse myself into a culture that’s always fascinated me, but I made memories that I will truly cherish for the rest of my life. From the very beginning, the staff at LdM made me feel right at home. Before I had even made my final decision as to where I would be studying, administration at LdM made me so excited for my upcoming semester, ensuring me that I would be leaving with a second home in Florence, Italy. Staff from LdM was always quick to get back to me, constantly going above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed, which made feel confident in my decision to spend the semester at LdM. One of my favorite aspects of LdM is the class sizes, they are much smaller than those at my home university. I never once felt lost in a class because my professors were always more than happy to clarify if I there was any confusion. Ironically enough the class I thought I would dread ended up being my favorite, public speaking. On the very first day of my public speaking class my professor had each one of us introduce ourselves to each other one on one, which really kicked off the semester to a great start. We were able to have personal conversations and create friendship immediately! So, now when it’s my turn to present a speech to the class it’s like I’m just talking to a room of friends.
Every experience I’ve had abroad, with LdM has been a positive, enriching one. Whether it’s interesting discussions in the classroom or traveling for a fun weekend trip, LdM has made me feel safe and given me the confidence to try new things. I’ve grown immensely and learned so much about myself since being here and I’m leaving with friends that live all over the world. I’m now confident in my abilities to succeed no matter where life takes me and I’m looking forward to my next adventure, all because of my time at LdM.

Emily Beltran – LdM Florence Study Abroad Semester, Fall 2017



Andrea’s semester abroad in Florence with LdM really came in handy, when she was hired to work with a Chilean architecture firm to reconstruct a submission for this year’s Venice Biennale.

Language skills and familiarity with Italy benefitted Andrea when she returned to Italy to create Pedro’s Lookout, a famous Lookout that was originally built in Chile. Read more…

Andrea Gonzalez – LdM Alumna, Florence 2013