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Studying abroad at LdM in Florence for a semester was truly indescribable. Everyone talks about the surprising things about Italian daily life but no one really prepared me for how much I would come to love Florence. Four months, something that seemed like such a long time when I arrived, just was not enough. What I learned in the classrooms at LdM was complemented by the history and culture around me in Florence. Additionally, I learned so much more about myself and gained such a larger awareness of the world. My advice to anyone about to study abroad would be this: take it all in and have an open mind. Every experience, every adventure, every walk by the Duomo, enjoy it all while you can. Florence permanently has a piece of my heart. When I think of all the places, I could have studied abroad; I would pick Florence over and over again.

Mina Konuksever – LdM Florence Study Abroad Semester, Spring 2018

I was very fortunate to experience everything that LdM offers to their students. When I got to Florence, I remember being so excited for all the possibilities, including getting involved with school activities. However, I did not expect to fall in love with the city and school so fast. I enjoyed learning about other cultures especially in their country and I adapted so quickly to Italian culture it was hard for me to leave. I loved all the classes I took at LdM, but I especially loved learning the Italian language. My Italian professor made sure we understood all the basics and was very enthusiastic about teaching us. In addition, I was also extremely lucky to be a part of LdM Web TV Internship. I never imagined that I would be in another country, not only studying what I loved but also being able to work as an intern. During my time in Italy, I was able to travel to different parts of the country and to experience important features of Italian culture like art, food, and wine. I am grateful for everything that I could do and see during my semester abroad in Italy. I 100% recommend study abroad anyone to allow yourself to see how others live across the world. When you do so, it allows you to grow significantly as a person.

Tiara Titus — LdM Study Abroad Student in Florence, Fall 2017



Andrea’s semester abroad in Florence with LdM really came in handy, when she was hired to work with a Chilean architecture firm to reconstruct a submission for this year’s Venice Biennale.

Language skills and familiarity with Italy benefitted Andrea when she returned to Italy to create Pedro’s Lookout, a famous Lookout that was originally built in Chile. Read more…

Andrea Gonzalez – LdM Alumna, Florence 2013