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The benefits of my study abroad experience with LdM Florence are too many to count. Not only was I able to culture myself by participating in the customs of the Italian people, but I was able to hone my language skills, make new life-long friends, and above all I developed into a more mature person. I feel that I now have a deeper understanding of the European way of life. This open-minded acceptance is not something easily lost and now undoubtedly carries over into the way I view people who are different from myself.
My number one goal when studying abroad at LdM was to truly live the life of an Italian. Although I took weekend trips to countries outside of Italy, I found that most of the personal growth I experienced was within Florence, the city I was semi-permanently living in. From the very beginning of the semester, I decided to go beyond my introductory Italian course by studying long lists of Italian words on my own, speaking with my other professors about my interest in their language, and going out to local areas of the city to practice speaking Italian with people. In doing so, I eventually made many great Italian friends and fell deeply in love with the Italian language and culture.

Brianna Strobel – LdM Study Abroad Semester Student in Florence, Spring 2017

The classes, by far, had one of the most long lasting impacts on me. One of my courses, a travel writing class, gave me the confidence to start writing again. I got to read stories from great writers while creating my own pieces, reflecting on real travel experience that I had. It made me realize how much I loved bringing parts of the world and characters from all over to a single page.
Now, returning to my home institution, I feel confident that I’m in the right place. The unique experiences I had and people I met helped me feel more confident in traveling and meeting new people, while the classes I took made me feel assured that writing is what I’m truly passionate about.

Brooke Dunn – LdM Study Abroad Semester Student in Florence, Fall 2017



Andrea’s semester abroad in Florence with LdM really came in handy, when she was hired to work with a Chilean architecture firm to reconstruct a submission for this year’s Venice Biennale.

Language skills and familiarity with Italy benefitted Andrea when she returned to Italy to create Pedro’s Lookout, a famous Lookout that was originally built in Chile. Read more…

Andrea Gonzalez – LdM Alumna, Florence 2013