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From the moment I started my Freshman year in the Fall of
2014, I knew I wanted to study abroad. I have always possessed such a drive to travel the world, see new things, and interact with new people. My Junior
year came in the snap of a finger, and I soon found myself at
the epicenter of the Renaissance, Florence, Italy.
Studying at LDM could not have been a more  enjoyable experience for me. It sounds as cliché as could be, but there is no other way of putting it. I found my experience to  be even better than I expected. What I cherished the most was that LDM was not
your typical college campus—as school’s academic buildings
are integrated throughout the city— making for a very cool walk

throughout the semester. I would see the same things every day, but even better, I would ALWAYS see and hear something different. Something I will never forget is my walk to my Italian class every Monday and Wednesday at noon. I would see the same number 22 bus at the same stop, at the
same ime every single week. 22 is my favorite number. It was my number for my entire hockey and baseball career back home. Something that simple I will hold dear to my heart forever.
LDM has a ton of classes that were interesting to me. I am thrilled I could attend excellent courses I would not have been capable to at my home institution. In particular, I remember a Food and Wine Pairing class I took. The class was as insightful. I am an awful cook, so I learned how to prepare some traditional Italian meals all while learning to pair it with Italian wines.
I could not be more delighted with my time abroad and at
LDM. There was not a day where I was not as happy as can be. I was studying in Italy, with remarkable people and even better food. I would not waste a second if I had the opportunity to experience it again.
Devin Buonanno – LdM Study Abroad Student in Florence, Spring 2017

Studying abroad in Florence at LdM was truly a worldly experience, the
quality of education and the immersive culture in Florence has shaped
me into the person I am today. Being a Jewelry design and International
Trade major, the wide variety of classes offered at LdM made me fulfill
my requirements and at the same time gave me a much-needed contrast
from my courses back home. I got a chance to take compelling courses
like travel writing, fashion forecasting, Quarters of Florence, etc. and also
learned about the Italian culture with my major requirements in
intermediate Italian and culture studies. I was able to learn under an
exceptional faculty that pushed me out of my comfort zone and was very
understanding. LdM makes sure that students are extremely involved in
local activities, clubs, events, etc. Studying at via di Pucci, one of the
oldest buildings in Florence, owned by the Pucci family was such an
astounding experience. Studying abroad is a daunting experience, but

LdM makes you feel right at home!
Suyasha Lunawat –LdM Study Abroad Student in Florence, Spring 2017



Andrea’s semester abroad in Florence with LdM really came in handy, when she was hired to work with a Chilean architecture firm to reconstruct a submission for this year’s Venice Biennale.

Language skills and familiarity with Italy benefitted Andrea when she returned to Italy to create Pedro’s Lookout, a famous Lookout that was originally built in Chile. Read more…

Andrea Gonzalez – LdM Alumna, Florence 2013