About LdM

40+ years of experience
3000+ students per year
4 campuses
38 academic subject areas
500+ courses
100+ nationalities in the student body


New Summer Program in Mediterranean Culinary Arts (MCA) - LdM Florence and CETT Barcelona

Starting from Summer 2019, a new program in Culinary Arts will be offered jointly by LdM and CETT (Universitat de Barcelona), focusing on the culinary tradition of the Mediterranean region.

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New at LdM Academic Year 2018-2019

LdM incorporates the unique characteristics of each campus location into new and stimulating courses for the ‘18 – ‘19 semesters

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News and Events

LdM Gallery presents "BLACK LIPS"

For the fourth edition of Black History Month Florence, LdM Gallery presents Black Lips, a photography exhibition by Danilo Currò with poetic texts by Andrea Cafarella

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LdM Gallery presents the drawing exhibition Body of Evidence

We are glad to invite LdM students to visit our interdisciplinary gallery for the launch of Body of Evidence, a student-oriented exhibition introducing figurative drawings that focus on the expression of the female form

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