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International artist Anike Joyce Sadiq at LdM Florence

In conversation with Fine Arts Prof. Justin Thompson, the artist will discuss her work and relationship with spaces, context and the public. Read more…

April 4th – Visiting Artist Kevin Everson: Conversing on Art and Context (seminar & open forum)

How do physical, social-economic circumstances or the weather influence the gestures and tasks of working class African Americans? International filmmaker Kevin Everson explains. Read more…

20-22 February 2014 – Music in Museums, an international conference

The Marist LdM graduate program in Museum Studies at the Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici presents a three-day conference where Museum meets Music, from the past till the present. Read more…

International Conference: Media allo Specchio. Letteratura e giornalismo

January 16, 2014.From literature to journalism, and the in-between: LdM presents ‘Media allo Specchio’, an International Conference on writing since the 18th century. Read more…

A Modern Fairytale

As their final project this Fall 2013 semester, our Fashion Design students will have the opportunity to participate in a real photo shoot, showing their own creations in an extraordinary location set up by our Visual Merchandising class. Read more…

A Modern Fairytale

5 December 2013 – Villa Bardini – ore 19
Fund raiser at Villa Bardini organized by our students from the Event Planning course. Read more…

Boundary Line - La Strozzina

5 December – CCC Strozzina (Palazzo Strozzi)- 18,30
Having your work displayed in the most important center for contemporary art in Florence during your study abroad experience at LdM? Read more…

Re-Jewel: Making Contemporary Jewels from Found Objects

november 15 – december 6 2013. It is the LdM Jewelry Department’s conviction that used can become beautiful (again). Through the creative minds of our students, found and discarded objects have gotten the possibility of becoming once again an item of beauty. Read more…

Music in Museums – Musical laboratories for children

The LdM Institute, in collaboration with partners, is proud to present La Musica nei Musei, a series of musical laboratories for children between 7 and 17 years of age.
Playing a composition by Lorenzo the Magnificent in the Sala dei Gigli of the Palazzo Vecchio, or a piece by Johann Sebastian Bach in the Sala Bianca of the Galleria Palatina. For many of us this might sound more like a dream than reality, but for a group of Florentine children this soon will become a true experience! Read more…

Damien Hirst: Thoughts, Work, Life - a special screening at LdM

From dead sharks to diamond skulls, from dissected animals to a 20 meter tall bronze statue of an anatomical cross-sectional pregnant nude. That is Damien Hirst.
In collaboration with ‘Lo Schermo dell’Arte’, the International Independent Film Festival in Florence, LdM presents this special screening on the famous British artist.
Read more…

CAMNES conference Qatna Archaeological Project Highlights

CAMNES presents “Qatna Archaeological Project Highlights”, an important meeting about the investigation of one the most significant kingdoms in Western Syria, and centers on the coastlands of the East Mediterranean, with a special guest: the Excavation Project Director, Prof. Peter Pfälzner from the University of Tübingen. Read more…

LdM runs Corri la Vita 2013

More than 70 LdM students and staff will be participating in the charity event against breast cancer on Sunday, October 13.
On Sunday, October 13 a special event will take place in Florence: Corri la Vita, a marathon for the battle against breast cancer. During this 11th edition for the first time an organized group of over 70 LdM students and staff will participate in both the competitive run as well as the recreational walk of resp. 13km and 5km.

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Celebrating 40 Years of Experience in Higher Education

The Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute was founded in 1973 for the teaching of Italian language and art to students of all ages and nationalities; as international education has evolved, the Institute has expanded and strengthened its choices. For instance, the cuisine courses– among the first in Italy – created for pure diversion, became over time academic courses. The experience of LdM has been such as to lead many international universities to send their students directly to our Institute, recognize their courses, and maintain their ties with us.
Thanks to the internationalism of the Institute, students from all over the world can meet each other. Read more…

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Middle States Review Visit

Last April LdM warmly welcomed a representative of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The visit was part of a periodic review to confirm accreditation of Marist College, including their branch campus in Florence. The review concentrated on both the seven Bachelor degree and the Master’s degree programs offered in collaboration between LdM and Marist, as well as in other academic disciplines for which coursework is available at ldm. Over two days the external reviewer nominated by the Commission, DR. Bryan Andriano of George Washington University, inspected documentation and met many of the people who form the Florence community: branch campus staff, LdM staff, student advisors, professors, department supervisors, and students. Efforts towards this review stepped up in 2011, with close collaboration between LdM and the Marist site director’s office as well as deans, chairpersons and other personnel from Poughkeepsie. In addition to assessing academic offerings, the visit also focused on student services and co-curricular programming. Assessing the institution and student learning, however, has always been a continuous process — in fact, this marked the third Middle States visit to LdM.

M.A. in Museum Studies: True Curatorial Experience

Three sections of the course “Museums and the Public II: Objects and Audience” held in Spring 2013 offered students of the M.A. in Museum Studies true curatorial experience. Over the semester, three instructors specialized in distinct disciplines and fields of study transformed the students into curators, guiding them in the ideation, project design and installation of three shows open to the public, in collaboration with museums and galleries in Florence. The main goal of this course, in fact, is to afford students real-world experience in museum and exhibition situations where they gain practical experience in art curating that is precious for their future working careers. To conceive, plan, and set up an exhibition entails a complex series of operations directly involving the curator. The initial phase requires a theme to be identified in conjunction with research to select appropriate works of art. The installation of the works calls for close collaboration with such crucial figures as architects, suppliers of display materials, and gallery and museum staff. Nor is this the final phase: PR and information about the events is vital, and calls for the creation of iconic imagery and graphics, press releases as well as their distribution. Thus each student in the course had the opportunity to follow closely all phases of an exhibition project, taking on full curatorial responsibility. The three exhibitions produced by the student curators were: Visible Thought: The Artistic Progression of Michelangelo, an exhibition of original drawings by Michelangelo, organized with and shown at the Museo di Casa Buonarroti; FluIDentity, an exhibition project with works of visual arts and fashion; and an interactive curatorial project for the Museo Stibbert in Florence.

LdM Puts Students to Work!

Semester events planned by students
LdM continued its Spring 2013 calendar with two major events in late April and early May. Students from the event planning courses at LdM launched Dolce Pinocchio, a food-inspired event held at the Fortezza da Basso.
From flyer design to food presentation, from live music to a giant ‘Pinocchio cake’ – all was planned and affected by the students themselves. Andreina Mancini, from the Sieni bakery in Florence, helped students make the top quality cake, and visitors were able to taste not only this, but also other specialties from the bakery, followed by music from Florentine band Thee Outlaw. The event was part of the Pinocchio Forever project, which intended to promote Italy’s best-loved puppet. This project, in turn, was a part of the International Handicraft Fair, held in Florence last April.
Re-examining the idea of beauty in modern-day Florence, the New Renaissance of Florentine Beauty was held on May 3. Organized by students in the event planning course held by LdM Professor Eva de Clerq, the event featured an exhibit of the photographs of local artist Lucilla Bellini and the recycled gown made by designer Natalia Franco Cabrera. The evening concluded with a screening of the documentary film, Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to Travel, dedicated to the life and career of the former Vogue editor, who left an indelible mark on the fashion world.
The evening concluded with a screening of the documentary film, Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to Travel, dedicated to the life and career of the former Vogue editor, who left an indelible mark on the fashion world.

CAMNES - 2012/2013 Activities

The Center for Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies (CAMNES) together with LdM has delivered important scientific and educational projects during 2012 and the first quarter of 2013. Last year, in collaboration with LdM and the University of Florence, the Center organized the 16th edition of the international Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology (SOMA), which was attended by more than 250 scholars from all around the world. Archaeopress of Oxford will publish the proceedings of this important scientific meeting within this year. An interesting conference on the Middle Palaeolithic of Italy also took place, establishing an up-to-date overview of this crucial period of time. Furthermore in 2012 important conferences where held at the LdM premises, including the Tell Mozan conference delivered by Prof. Giorgio Buccellati (UCLA emeritus Professor). 2013 has opened with an extraordinary event which involved the top scholars of the subject: a Workshop on the Archaeology of Florence in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs (Superintendence of Archaeological Heritage of Tuscany). The Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies has developed new exciting courses and study programs, such as two Certificates in Archaeology and Ancient Studies, i.e. ‘Ancient Italy’ and ‘Hands-on Archaeology’, and a brand new field school at Petra & Shawbak (Jordan).

International Museology Conference at LdM

LdM has had a busy Spring 2013 semester. In collaboration with Marist College and the the University of Florence, LdM hosted the international academic conference, Museum Concepts and Collections in the Ancient World, at Church of San Jacopo in Campo Corbolini and the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Education at the University of Florence from April 26 to 27. The major event, which attracted experts and scholars from across the world, was organized by Maia Wellington Gahtan (who directs Marist-LdM M.A. in Museum Studies) and Donatella Pegazzano (SAGAS Department, University of Florence).
It was the first international conference that attempted to give a modern-day account of museum studies by comparing different cultures and methodologies. Its overall goal was to provide a complete picture of the importance of the ancient world in developing future museological concepts, such as collection, organized museums and cultural preservation. The areas discussed included the exposure and preservation of archaeological finds and historical artifacts from the first early Middle Eastern civilizations to the time of Roman Emperor Constantine. LdM President Fabrizio Guarducci opened the conference on April 26.
The two-day conference saw a number of presentations from important international scholars in the field, creating a better understanding of the complex field of museology

LdM Teams up with Imagewest: Business deal turns in job for one lucky student

When the Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM) Institute found out about Imagewest, a student-run advertising and public relations agency located on the Western Kentucky University (WKU) campus, it contacted the agency right away to discuss a possible collaboration.
Always interested in finding new ways to further empower students and encourage them to grow both professionally and personally, LdM was interested in learning more about Imagewest and its experience in providing students with real-world agency experience on a local, national and international level. From this initial interest grew a business proposal, in which a team from Imagewest traveled to Florence, Italy for a month in Summer 2012 to create a promotional video and digital marketing plan for LdM. Both the marketing plan and the video were a hit with managers and staff at LdM, and the collaboration proved particularly beneficial to Imagewest, giving students on the team an invaluable professional experience abroad.
One student, however, made the most of her experience in Florence: Kayla Spelling was part of the Imagewest Florence, Italy team as videographer, and after much consideration and a bit of courage, she later proposed herself to as LdM internal videographer, clinching a year-long contract with the school.
“I have always wanted to live and work in Europe and so I though I’d just ask if LdM would be willing to hire me on,” Spelling says. Her experience in Florence has been invaluable for several reasons, she says, but most of all it has taught her a whole new skill set. “I had always worked in a team when doing video, so being the only videographer on staff, here at LdM, has meant that I have had to learn to do everything, from shooting to editing, to scriptwriting and concept. It’s a lot of work but I am getting a full experience and 360 degree view of the job.”
Spelling is glad that her bravado in inquiring about the job and the making the move to Europe has proved to be positive. She had always dreamed about working overseas and she is grateful for the incredible professional opportunity at LdM.

LdM’s Student Clubs keep growing!

Meet new people, learn new skills and share your passion with others doing things you love: this is the main objective of the Student Club program offered at the LdM Florence campus. For many years, the LdM Florence campus has offered students the opportunity to take part in a series of extracurricular Student Clubs designed to allow students with the same interests to develop their skills in a fun, new social environment. The LdM Clubs Coordinator, Emma Barbugli, says the Students Clubs are not only fun but also ‘help students learn to work in a team. Take our new clubs this year dedicated to the creation of the LdM Magazine, La Gazzetta. This year we’ve created the Gazzetta Photography Club and the Gazzetta Club, which comprised about 23 students all together this year, each of which had to work in unison to reach a common goal: making the best editions of the Gazzetta possible! They got to practice their photography and editorial skills, and being part of an editorial office. Those who already had experience, brought their skills to the table, taught others and learned more. But it’s also about the contribution they make to the LdM community in general, by making other students’ experiences available to all.’
Among the Student Clubs currently offered are the highly popular Cooking Club, in which students have fun behind the burner while learning new Italian recipes that they can then share with their friends and families back home, and the Pilates and Yoga Clubs, in which students can practice these sports and continue to reap the mental and physical benefits.
Among the new Student Clubs offered this year include Theatre Improv Club, which introduces theatrical improvisation to students; the Basketball Club, in which students play against other co-ed teams on a weekly basis; and the Artisanal Handicrafts Club, in which students visit local artisan workshops and learn to make simple traditional items.

The Art is in the Streets 2013

Florence’s Via Faenza became an open-air gallery on May 11, 2013 for the seventh annual The Art is in the Streets event, organized by the Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM) Institute. Read more…

Congrats to LdM Prof. Cosimo Brunetti on his work as Art Director for France Odeon!

Comic Art Professor collaborates for the opening credits of the Film Festival. Read more…

Steps for Happiness: A Flash Mob & Poetry Contest to fight poverty!

One semester, 17 students, many different ideas and one big, final event: our Fall 2014 Event Planning class is proud to present to you Steps to Happiness. Read more…

Domestic Soundscapes, Mapping Open Soundscapes & Sonus Loci

Nov 28, 2014 – An LdM sound exhibition -After several workshops, the departments of Interior, Architecture and Photography unite for the final event. Read more…

International Taste of Christmas: recipe trail & food tastings at the Mercato Centrale

LdM Event Planning students organize evening filled program in support of the Meyer Children’s Hospital. Read more…

The Sala Bianca: Where it all began. An LdM Haute Couture Fashion Show

After months of work, our Fashion Design students are proud to present and show off their creations. Read more…