Archaeology and Classical Studies

As a centre of the Mediterranean world through the millennia, Italy is replete with the extraordinary remains of remarkable civilizations. Archaeology students at LdM discover this rich history through a combination of academic instruction and experimental methods. A special partnership with CAMNES (Center for Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies) ensures that LdM’s students get hands-on experience through on-site visits and field work. Excavation and learning will be achieved through an innovative dynamic and itinerant approach thanks to CAMNES scientific supervision of LdM’s Archaeology and Classical Studies Department.

Students explore myriad aspects of the Etruscan, Greek and Roman achievement in Italy, and courses place considerable emphasis on fieldwork, archaeological theory, methods and research, providing a well-rounded and professional approach to the subject. In Florence, students in LdM’s archaeology courses participate in the storing, conserving, photographing, interpreting and archiving of the discoveries from Tuscania. Academic coursework is complemented by on-site visits to renowned Etruscan and Roman sites like Cerveteri, Vulci, Fiesole, or the Roman Forum.


LdM’s partnership with CAMNES aims at developing a new approach in education and scientific research in the study of the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean and Near Eastern areas. CAMNES and LdM organize a variety of excavation projects in different countries. Depending on personal interests, students can participate in digs in southern Italy (Latium (Tuscania), Sicily, Calabria, and Apuglia) and central Italy (Etruscan, Roman and prehistoric cultures), as well as other locations throughout the world, among them Albania (Roman province), Greece (Crete), Cyprus (pre-classical civilizations), Egypt, Turkey, Syria (from Chalcolithic to Hellenistic cultures), and Jordan.

Courses currently available:

Archaeology Workshop
Ancient Rome
Florentia: the Ancient Roots of Florence
War in the Greek and Roman Worlds
Anthropology of Religion: Death and Ritual in the Past
Egyptian Art and Archaeology
Co(ok)quinarius: Ancient Sources of Italian Cuisine
The Age of the Heroes: Iliad, Odyssey, Aeneid, and the Origins of Western Literature
Greek and Roman Mythology
Magna Graecia: Ancient Greeks in Italy