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Campus Life at LdM Florence

At LdM Florence students can live in shared apartments near LdM’s main campus building - and soak in the vibrant San Lorenzo neighborhood - or in one of the city's five districts, getting to experience everyday life from a local and genuine perspective. With its world-famous artistic heritage, Florence offers the study abroad student myriad cultural events throughout the year. Students will revel in the city's centuries-old culinary tradition, known worldwide for its exceptional local specialties and gelato parlors. What's more, Florence's thriving economic heart focuses largely on the exciting worlds of fashion, design, luxury goods, banking and tourism.

All students at LdM live under the guidance and direction of experienced Student Advisors available at:

Student Advisor Office
LdM Florence
via Faenza, 71/R (two doors to the right from Via Faenza 43)
50123 Firenze

Open Hours
Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

LdM Florence Housing Services

LdM Florence is pleased to facilitate students’ housing arrangements. Learn more...

Facilities and Services

The LdM Florence campus buildings contain a wide range of student facilities, such as numerous classrooms and large, specialized art studios, a cafeteria, courtyard garden, a library, student point and computer center with many terminals, and an extensive Wi-Fi network. Click here for more details.

Student Clubs

LdM encourages all students to develop their intellectual, spiritual, cultural, social, vocational and athletic abilities. The LdM Clubs Coordinator, in collaboration with the Student Advisors and the Dean of Students, coordinates and promotes leadership, community development opportunities and participation in the popular LdM Student Clubs. Intended to bring together students with the same interests, LdM Student Clubs help students develop their skills in a completely new social environment while having fun and making new friends.

Among the Student Clubs currently offered at the LdM Florence campus are the following: the Gazzetta Club, in which students have the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of what is happening all around Florence and Tuscany, including where to experience authentic Italian life; the Gazzetta Photographers Club, wherein students’ photography skills will be stimulated and developed by offering visual support to the news, reports and stories of LdM Gazzetta; the Soccer Club, which allows students to play soccer and better understand the role of this sport in Italian Contemporary society; the Folk Dance Club, where students discover traditional and famous dances from the Italian tradition, like tarantella, pizzica, salterello and quadriglia; the Pilates Club and Yoga Club, which are intended to give students a better understanding of mental and physical health benefits; the Slow Drink Club, which teaches students the responsible appreciation of wines; and the Cinema Club, which introduces students to Italian culture through contemporary film.

LdM Student Clubs are always offered during Spring and Fall Semester. Students of Summer Session and January Intersession have the possibility to choose among different activities.