Three Cities Program

The Three Cities Program is a semester-long study abroad experience that allows students to retrace the steps of Greek, Etruscan, Roman, medieval and Renaissance cultures by living and studying in three cities which embody these civilizations in all their richness and splendor: Tuscania, Rome and either Florence (Fall Semester) or Venice (Spring Semester).

Western civilization is the end product of widely contrasting cultures which evolved over many hundreds of years. With the Renaissance it became possible to unite the strands of these cultures in a new and exciting synthesis, which prepared the way for the birth of the modern world.

The Three Cities Program starts in Tuscania, where students focus on the ancient Greek, Etruscan and Roman civilizations; Rome is the second destination, where students explore the Middle Ages and the Renaissance; Florence or Venice complete this great experience as two of the most important centers of the Renaissance and Modern Age.

Students follow a structured and integrated program of five courses, which together comprise both a unique investigation into the roots of Western civilization and a solid grounding in Italian language and culture. Classes meet every day Monday through Thursday for two and a half hours each, providing a total of 45 contact hours per course.


Course Sequence

MONTH 1 – Tuscania
Italian Language (offered at all levels)
Greeks, Etruscan and Romans
The Food of Italy: a Gastronomic Tour of the Regions (optional course)

MONTH 2 – Rome
Italian Language (This course is completed in the third month of the program.)
Medieval and Renaissance Transitions

MONTH 3 – Florence (Fall) – Venice (Spring)
Italian Language (conclusive half of the course started in Rome)
Leonardo: Art and Science (Florence Only)
Venice and the East (Venice Only)

The program has no special prerequisites and is designed for anyone interested in experiencing the three locations and learning about Western culture.

Course load for students seeking US transferable credit is 15 credits (five 3-credit courses).

Please note all courses are mandatory and cannot be changed, dropped or withdrawn from.

If you wish to apply, see the Study Abroad Requirements in the Admissions Section.