LdM Rome STEM Program

FALL 2017

LdM’s STEM program provides immersion in the long-standing scientific traditions Italy offers.

The core of the LdM STEM program is a required course on Italy’s contributions to modern sciences. Through the examination of important scientists from the Renaissance to the present, students explore the development of scientific thought and its historical connections.

Students will advance their studies through rigorous science courses offered in collaboration with highly-recognized Italian institutions offering state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories.

In addition, students may choose general education courses in a variety of fields like Art History, International Business, Ancient Studies, Communications, Geography and Environmental Studies, History, Italian Language, Music, Cinema and Theater Studies, Literature, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Political Science and International Studies, Psychology, Sociology, and Writing.

Any student taking a science course in Rome during the semester belongs to the STEM Program. The core course and the STEM courses cannot be changed, dropped or withdrawn from. Italian language study is encouraged but no language courses are required. To help ensure a successful experience, we recommend that students take no more than two science courses with a lab component. 

Students participating in science courses in Rome are required to have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. Specific STEM attendance and grading policies apply.


Fall 2017 Program Offering

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