About LdM

40+ years of experience
3000+ students per year
4 campuses
38 academic subject areas
500+ courses
100+ nationalities in the student body


NEW '17 - '18 courses at LdM

LdM has striven to incorporate each campus and city’s unique characteristics into new and stimulating courses for the ‘17 – ‘18 semesters

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LdM Rome extends collaboration with prestigious Art Gallery "Galleria Russo"

Our internship offered at one of the most renowned Art Galleries in Rome presents an exciting and unique opportunity for students with a strong interest in art and in the art world

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News and Events

Fashion Lecture Series at LdM Florence

The LdM Department of Fashion Design, Marketing and Communication presents a series of lectures aimed at giving LdM students an insight into the professional fashion field

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CAMNES Seminars in collaboration with LdM

CAMNES and Istituto Lorenzo de' Medici present a series of seminars open to the public in the fields of the ancient Near East, the ancient Mediterranean and Religious studies

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