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LdM Rome extends collaboration with prestigious Art Gallery "Galleria Russo"

Our internship offered at one of the most renowned Art Galleries in Rome presents an exciting and unique opportunity for students with a strong interest in art and in the art world.

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NEW Spring 2016 course offerings at LdM Florence

LdM is now offering a wide range of exciting and innovative subjects for our study abroad students to choose from.

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News and Events

Monographic Exhibitions and the History of Art

This year the Marist-LdM MA Museum Studies program decided to create an opportunity for scholars of various chronological frames from the Middle Ages to contemporary to exchange ideas regarding the fundamental role played by monographic exhibitions in the fields of art history and criticism.

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LdM students uncover a hidden gem to the Florentine public

As part of the upcoming Tuscan Anglo-American Festival, LdM opens the doors of its San Jacopo in Campo Corbolini Church.

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